Become truly valuable

Are you busy or are you making progress?

The key to gaining advantage and staying ahead in your arena is creating truly long-lasting value for your customers, shareholders, employees & society: it’s collective advantage.

But how effective are your organisation’s efforts today?

Find out with the Truly Valuable Review: it assesses your key drivers for becoming a truly valuable organisation. 

The Scan is fact-based, measurable and offers you an objective score, along with insights and advice to develop your sustainable strategy.

You are sure to encounter the Positive Sum principle along the way: what benefits one target group can benefit all of them. A bigger pie for everyone: truly Valuable will show you.

Within 8 weeks you will be able to

Truly Valuable in practice

Truly Valuable drivers and sustainable strategy

The Truly Valuable Review scores you on a unique set of 5 independent variables.


The outcome is your score in terms of how truly valuable you are for customers, employees, shareholders and society.


It is a clear, fact-based assessment of your drivers – and how you can leverage them to create a sustainable strategy and turn that into collective advantage.

Actively using Truly Valuable today

The experts and the science behind Truly Valuable

Prof. Dr. Rudy Moenaert (1961) and Antenno Consulting joined forces to create the Market Orientation Review. Sharing a passion for outside-in strategies they bring together consultancy experience and service, and an analytical and academic skillset.

experts & science