How Truly Valuable can work for you

It depends, really, on your goals, needs and your current situation. At the core of your roadmap is the Truly Valuable review itself, of course. But Truly Valuable offers different modules which can be combined.

Truly Valuable review


The review itself takes about 8 weeks, from the initial intake sessions to the summary with quick-wins and long-term initiatives.

Already using other instruments and measurement tools?

Integrate them into your Truly Valuable plan.

Inspirational sessions:
all aboard!


Acquiring and growing your durable value-oriented mindset requires organisation-wide commitment. Inspirational sessions are a great way to get people aboard – all the way from when you are planting your first seeds to rekindling your fires.

We lead inspirational sessions at your organisation, covering a wide range of topics. Need specific issues addressed for specific target groups? Consider it done.

Inspirational session

Consultancy: optimal implementation


You have turned your Scan en Roadmap into actionable insights and a plan de route. We can help you manage your program and keep a go-ahead perspective, right from your first steps well into organisation-wide implementation.

Follow-up and re-scoring: still on track 


Any decent GPS would let you know where you are coming from and where you are headed – precisely and whenever you need it. 


You can consult the Truly Valuable team at any moment for a status, for follow-up sessions and/or re-scoring. That’s how you make sure you are still on track and keep a firm grasp on the progress made. 


Contact the Truly Valuable team

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