Are you the inspired
& inspiring Business Developer

Got a heart for truly valuable organisations?

You are ready to develop a business with strategy consultancy in your DNA and you want to build something your way, and, finally, take the lead?

Your path

You have proven knowledge & expertise in business strategy. Today you are a consultant at a player that has made a name for itself. But you have always wanted to be an entrepreneur yourself and now you are looking for the right context, opportunity and a good product to get started.

Enter Truly Valuable

A method and program that results in change trajectories and consultancy but starts with asking whether an organisation is creating truly sustainable value. The answer is measurable, and results in a score, actually, backed by science.

Start-up? Not at all

This is a proven methodology, already making waves at a major Dutch bank. What Truly Valuable needs is a true Business Developer now, who truly cares for this unique offering, finds-creates a market for it, makes it grow with the right customer base and makes its brand come alive along the way. In his or her way. And that is why you are ready to take on a wide range of responsibilities.

So, you

• got a MA degree, experience in market-oriented business strategy been a consultant too? Better even

• manage the go to market and product development roadmap with business plan and P&L ownership

• let the entrepreneurial genie in yourself out all-in, true business development

• turn Market Orientation Review into a success story with the right partners and customers

• love to cross borders how international is your network today? 😉

• want to make a real difference believe in truly sustainable value

• are a dynamic go getter from the start with the necessary experience

Our offer

• you in the driver’s seat
plenty of responsibility and opportunities

• room to manoeuvre, with support
learn, grow, make your ideas work, it’s your playground

• spar with experts in a practical business reality
talk academics and consultancy, with Rudy and Mariska

• join a wonderful team
for PM and marketing, and consultancy

• take your work life balance in your hands
results-oriented way of working

Truly sustainable value

Become a truly valuable organisation: Truly Valuable is a spin-off created by prof. Dr. Rudy Moenaert and Mariska Brosens from Antenno.

It is a methodology measuring how market-oriented and organisation is, and which ones create truly sustainable value for customers, employees, society and stakeholders: this broad scoping makes it unique.

This science-based model offers data and practical insights that enable organisations to change direction. All within 8 weeks, from the first inspirational sessions to reporting and action plans.

A truly valuable organisation

Once you have seen it, it cannot be unseen. You’ll see the signs everywhere. From Coolblue and Netflix to the billions being poured into decarbonization today: truly valuable organisations get ahead and create long-lasting advantage.

Send your motivational letter and LinkedIn profile to Mariska, Antenno manager

She’ll personally take care of every application.You can expect a rather quick response too.