Let’s talk true value dynamics

A C-level and board member Truly Valuable seminar

Starting point for this seminar: a new, science-based methodology to measure the true value your organisation creates, and to score the underlying dynamics along with key drivers. It complements tactics already in place. 


Because, in charge of the future value of your organisation, what are your handles on that value? Short-term company results, of course. KPI’s for your teams.

But they’re narrow and offer a fragmented take on value. 

We would to invite you to look at a methodology that helps you predict your organisation’s future potential, collective knowledge and understanding on how to approach durable value creation.

experts & science

For whom are you creating value - and how?

Agree? The key to gaining advantage and staying ahead of the competition is creating truly enduring value for your customers, shareholders, employees & society. 


The degree in which you are oriented towards value creation for these 4 key target groups depends on


  1. your organisation’s sensitivity 
    to the outside world 
  2. your teams’ behaviour 
    and composition 
  3. leadership style 
    in your day-to-day operations
  4. culture and cross-functional cooperation 
    engaging or counterproductive?
  5. process and system efficiency  
    the right results at the right place, time and cost 


These dimensions can now be perfectly scored: a solid basis for our debate. 

A debate based on practice, data and science

Based on the Truly Valuable model and recent real company experiences with this new methodology, you get data and insights into the dynamics of enduring value creation 


How the different dimensions correlate, interact. How they can be managed and directed, and optimized. 

Especially relevant when facing growth, alignment and strategic implementation challenges, transformation, acquisitions or post merger integration journeys. 

Inspirational session

High-level seminar by strategic marketing professionals

Rudy Moenaert

Strategic marketing afficionado Prof. Dr. Rudy Moenaert (TIAS) shares his findings from Review implementation in various companies and contexts like Rabobank, and uses them as talking points. With years of experience in various boards he knows your world. 

Els Dhaeze

Keynote speaker, writer, award judge, CX expert and change facilitator Els Dhaeze knows her way around making change happen in a wide range of contexts. Market orientation is part of her DNA – in mind, heart and hands.

Mariska Brosens

Marketing entrepreneur and senior business consultant Mariska Brosens (Antenno) will bridge strategic marketing, practice and HR. With her experience in company dynamics, she knows what it takes to make strategy and vision come to life.

Get energized, get challenged, get inspired

In their very own straightforward and fast-paced style Rudy, Mariska and Els will challenge how you look at value, and how market oriented you really are (thinking and acting) – bases on data and real casework 

What you’ll get from this seminar

  • high-level learnings from real cases  
    with companies that have worked with Truly Valuable
  • a debate on the cause of topics like 
    employee engagement, futureproof leadership, digital transformation, durability reporting 
  • a fresh, holistic approach to value creation 
    long-term vision and pragmatism 
  • inspiration: strategic vision and concrete insight 
    in organisational depth and width 
  • C-level and board member meeting of minds 
    share your vision and experience with like-minded professionals 
  • science-based discussion  
    with data and facts, no fluff 


Dates t.b.a. 

€ 490 excl. VAT 

Berchem, Antwerp  (A 5 min. walk from Berchem train station) 

There is limited availability so book your seat now